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Rockhill Orthopaedic Specialists provides orthopedic care ranging from sprains, strains, fractures, & joint replacements—Proud to have served the KC area for over 70 years!

We rely on every member of our trusted team to help you maintain your quality of life.  We are committed to excellence and provide the highest quality of orthopaedic care possible.

Dr. Mayer, went above and beyond in explaining hip arthroscopy surgery and my outcome was better than I had hoped for!

Dr. Wes Frevert is amazing!  I believe he is the most knowledgeable Orthopaedic Shoulder surgeon I’ve been to.

Dr. Go and his staff put me at ease with my broken arm!

Dr. Langford, was an excellent doctor for my surgery. I have had four such successful surgeries on my hands and wrists. Carpal tunnel on both hands and both wrists for De Quervain’s tenosynovitis release. Always impressed with his bedside manner and his efforts in always pronouncing my last name correctly. It is unusual and not easy to learn. To me this is and indication of his level of care, he puts forth that extra effort, when not all doctors are so interested. I would highly recommended him for this type of care.

Dr. Takacs, we are so grateful for all your kindness and care over the years!

Thanks to all the doctors. A special thank you to Dr Palmisano for my new, wonderful knees. I was able to do all the stairs, unassisted, at the Royals home opener. Pain free. I am so happy. You have changed my life! Thank you so much!

Dr. Dugan, I am six weeks out from my total knee and we are so glad we came to Rockhill for my surgery.  Every staff member, made us feel important and cared for…!!

Dr. Patel “worked” me in at the end of a long day.He stayed late to care for me.  Please know those efforts on your part do not go unnoticed. I’m grateful.

Loved Dr Zonno! He had a hard patient in me! Broke my ankle. He had to go in take a bone out and strap it all back together. I was out and about on a cruise and walked 4.2 miles in the rain forest 20 days out of my boot! That was a year ago and doing great!!!!!

Dr. Larry Frevert,  a great doctor but even a better person plus a damn good basketball player.part of the big 3 F Troop!

Dr. Takacs was the first to see me for Arthritis in my knees and he recommended I have hyaluronic acid injections, which helped my knees. Then I saw Dr. Rapley for a emergency broken arm. He was a miracle worker, as he helped me regain my mobility.  Dr. Rapley recommended that I see Dr. Palmisano  for my hip pain and not to wait until I turned 50. I am so glad I listened to both of these Doctors! I got my hip replaced and I have greater mobility and no more pain. Rockhill’s X- ray department is very efficient and super friendly. I still have severe Arthritis. So I am pretty sure that Rockhill will be seeing a bunch of me in the future! Yes there is longer wait times. But when your the best, people should expect that. I have not had any problems getting in to see them. I highly recommend!

Dr Maugans has taken care of my Dad now for over a year as he replaced my dad’s hip, and fractured elbow.  Any patient can easily tell that he is a very caring doctor.  Rockhill and Dr. Maugan’s are the best and I wouldn’t take my dad anywhere else!