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Rockhill Orthopaedic Specialists providing trusted orthopedic care ranging from sprains, strains, fractures, & joint replacement—proudly serving the KC area

Rely on every member of our trusted team to help you maintain your quality of life, as we are committed to excellence by providing the highest quality of orthopaedic care possible.


I have seen 3 doctors at Rockhill! Dr. Takacs was the first to see me for Arthritis in my knees. I got the hyaluronic injections. I still get them. Then I saw Dr. Rapley for a emergency broken arm. He was a miracle worker! I was told that I would have limits to my mobility but I have regained full use! Then I saw Dr. Palmisano. Only because Dr. Rapley doesn’t do hips. I had to have my hip replaced, again because of Arthritis. Not only did Dr. Rapley recommend I have a replacement, but when I saw Dr. Palmisano he said “don’t wait”. I was holding out until I turned 50. I am so glad I listened to both of these Doctors! I got my hip replaced and I have greater mobility and no more pain. Their xray department is very efficient and super friendly. I still have severe Arthritis. So I am pretty sure that Rockhill will be seeing a bunch of me in the future! Yes there is longer wait times. But when your the best, people should expect that. I have not had any problems getting in to see them. I highly recommend!

Dr Maugans has taken care of my Dad now for over a year. He is so sweet and caring. He has replaced my dad’s hip, and taken care of an elbow that has been broken twice now. He couldn’t be a more professional and caring man. He has my dad’s best interest at heart and I am very happy with his care. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

You “worked” me in at the of a long day for all of you. Please know those efforts on your part do not go unnoticed. I’m sure home sounded good that day but some of you stayed. I’m grateful.

Six weeks out for me and a week out for my spouse and we still are glad we came to Rockhill for our surgeries.  Every doctor, nurse, physical therapist, etc., made us feel important and cared for…

Thank you so much for everything you have done to assist me through this tough time.  Success came only because of your skills, patience and kindness. Thank you for getting me walking again!