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Outpatient Hip or Knee Replacement

Restoring quality of life…faster than ever before

Rockhill Orthopaedic Specialists physicians are redefining the experience for patients who require total joint replacement in the Lee’s Summit/Kansas City, MO area.  Patients who meet certain criteria may elect to have their surgery performed on a same-day basis in a more comfortable, relaxed setting, at an ASC-Ambulatory Surgery Center, avoiding a lengthy hospital stay in the process.

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By choosing to have your procedure performed in an outpatient setting at an ASC, you can sleep in your own bed on the morning of your surgery and be home that evening.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Who can undergo a joint replacement at an ASC?

Surgery centers have a more strict focus in regard to the types of patients they may admit, and not all patients who seek outpatient joint replacement are candidates for a procedure in such a setting. However, many patients meet necessary criteria to be eligible for this outpatient option. Candidacy for outpatient surgery is dependent upon certain health factors and your insurance coverage.

  • What are the requirements for me to consider with an outpatient joint procedure?

Generally healthy patients who do not have significant underlying health conditions or concerns are typically able to undergo same-day, outpatient surgery. Consult your physician to determine the right surgical setting for you.

  • Does insurance cover this outpatient procedure?

Several commercial insurances do allow for outpatient joint replacement, but currently Medicare does not. To learn if your specific carrier covers outpatient surgery, please contact us at (816) 246-4302.

  • Which patients are good candidates for a joint replacement?

Joint replacement surgery is generally advisable for patients with severe arthritis or other joint disease who have failed conservative treatments that may include management through pain medication, local injections, exercise or activity modification, weight loss or physical therapy and rehabilitation.  

  • Which physicians perform outpatient total joint replacement?


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