Kam-Fai Pang, M.D.

Physical Medicine

Areas of Specialty

EMG / NCV exams

Procedures Performed
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (Physiatry)
Pain Medicine
AcupunctureEMG / NCV
Conservative treatments of spinal conditions
Post-Polio Syndrome

Dr. Pang’s Team:

(816) 251-7293

Medical Assistant
Rebecca Jackson

Kerri Sivon
(816) 251-7255
Hollie Jones
(816) 251-7292

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Kam-Fai Pang, M.D. is a Physiatrist who is board certified in physical medicine and rehabilitation.
Dr. Pang received his Bachelor of Arts in Biology and Journalism degree from Washington and Jefferson College, graduating cum laude. After obtaining his medical degree from University of Pittsburg School of Medicine, he completed residency training in anesthesiology at Barnes Hospital, Washington University and in physical medicine and rehabilitation, (also known as PM&R or Physiatry), at Medical College of Virginia Hospitals, Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.
Dr. Pang is an active member of the AAPM&R – American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and MSMA – Missouri State Medical Association.
When away from work, Dr. Pang likes to spend time and being involved with his children, the youngest who is 16 years old. His favorite reading genre is detective stories and he is thinking about learning to play the classical guitar. Well, just thinking about it.

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