Our Athletic Trainers in the Community

Our practice utilizes Athletic Trainers as physician extenders that can assist in obtaining patient histories, casting/splinting, applying bracing, crutch and walker training, as well as educating patients on home exercise programs.  In addition, we use our Athletic Trainers at community and sports events all across the community.

Look for our trainers at community health events near you and see our staff in action!

Athletic Trainer at Saint Michael the Archangel Catholic High School

Tyler Triggs, LAT-ATC

Full Athletic Training Coverage:
What this entails: State-Licensed Athletic Trainers (number will be determined based on size of event) will come to your event and/or school to provide first aid, first response for emergencies, weather response, activate EMS/ Emergency Action Plans if needed, evaluate injuries, expedite referrals to physicians if necessary.

Partial Athletic Training Coverage:
What this entails: 1 State-Licensed Athletic Trainer will come to your school and/or your event complex two-three days a week to evaluate injuries, manage treatment protocols, give injury reports to coaching staff, provide emergency coverage to games. Coverage is pending your needs and can be negotiated.

Injury Prevention Screening and Programming:
What this entails: 1-2 State-Licensed Athletic Trainers will come to your practice and provide a movement screening to all athletes on your team to evaluate for injury risk and movement dysfunction. An average of these scores will be taken and a Team Score will be developed. Following this, a movement correction plan will be developed and given to the coaching staff to include as part of practice warm-up and/or cool down. An Athletic Trainer will come to your first practice to instruct on appropriate form during all corrective exercise.

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