Sports Medicine Outreach Team

Sports Injury Hotline: 816-944-8663

Rockhill Orthopaedic Specialists has an established sports medicine outreach program that provides Certified Athletic Trainers (ATC), to meet the needs of the recreational, scholastic and collegiate athletes throughout the Lee’s Summit and Blue Springs Area. Our Outreach Program provides services which include daily coverage of practice and all home events, as well as special events in the community.

Our Integrated Sports Medicine Outreach Care Team serves patients and student athletes in the following manner:

  • Liaison between patient, physician or physician office staff.
  • Responsible for taking patient history, initial evaluation and documentation.
  • Design and educate patients on home exercise protocols per the physician’s request.
  • Responsible for patient setup and education of in office procedures.
  • Prepares for and assists physician with in office procedures.
  • Responsible for brace and crutch fitting and product education.
  • Triage patient messages, phone calls and questions.
  • Counsel patient regarding diagnosis, treatment options, and outcomes.

Our certified athletic trainers are specially trained in the prevention, assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of all types of sports-related or physically-active injuries and illnesses. 

Our Board Certified Sports Medicine Orthopaedic Surgeons and athletic trainers cover the following Schools:

Collegiate Coverage:

Metropolitan Community College:
Longview Campus
Blue River Campus

Middle & High School Coverage:

High Schools-

Lee’s Summit Schools-
Lee’s Summit High School
Lee’s Summit West High School
Lee’s Summit North High School

Saint Michael the Archangel Catholic High School

Middle Schools-
Lee’s Summit-
Lee’s Summit-Pleasant Lee Middle School
Lee’s Summit-Summit Lakes Middle School
Lee’s Summit-Bernard Campbell Middle School

Blue Springs-
Middle Schools-

In addition, our certified athletic trainers are also involved in educational events including:

  • Lectures
  • Community Seminars
  • Community Athletic Events
  • Health Fairs

Call us for more information about how our Sports Medicine Programs and/or our Certified Athletic Trainers can help you or your organization-(816) 246-4302.

In-House Clinical Athletic Trainers:

  • Jesus Morales, LAT, ATC
  • Jessica DeWitt, MSEd, LAT, ATC
  • Hannah Calhoun, LAT, ATC
  • Abbygail Hogan, LAT, ATC
  • Jennifer Woods, LAT, ATC
  • Jeremy Edgerson, LAT, ATC
  • Caleb Coale, LAT, ATC
  • Gina Hernandez, LAT, ATC

Outreach Athletic Trainers:

  • Tyler Triggs, LAT, ATC–Head AT at SMA-Saint Michael the Archangel Catholic High School
  • Nicole O’Brien, LAT, ATC-Grad Asst. at SMA-Saint Michael the Archangel Catholic High School
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